What We Need

We accept donations of used and new Christian materials, which we use to supply the libraries in churches overseas. Examples of the material we can use:


  • Bibles
  • concordances
  • dictionaries
  • commentaries
  • sermons
  • hymnals & music
  • Christian fiction & non~fiction
  • DVD's and cd's (NO cassettes or VHS)
  • any Christian Spanish material
  • devotionals
  • Children's material


We do NOT accept the following, please save your postage.....it could be used for shipping material overseas!


  • Sunday School material
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Monthly magazines
  • Cassette tapes and VHS


We are always in need of funding....which is an important part of the shipping process!


Thank you all for your contributions and willingness to further our Lord's Kingdom!

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